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Bear Minimum NJ

Upcycled Surfboard Resin Hair / Tie Clip

Upcycled Surfboard Resin Hair / Tie Clip

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Local NJ Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Artist Zachary Bloom uses landfill bound surfboard resin to create beautiful lightweight jewelry in his studio right here in NJ!

When a surfboard shaper makes their boards they have a phase called "glassing". In this phase they pour colored resin onto the board. Those various colors drip to the floor and harden. Over time the floor builds up nice and thick with all the beautiful resin colors. Eventually the floor is ripped up and thrown out as waste. Zachary collects this waste material in its' rough form and turns it from trash to treasure! He collects the resins from surfboard shapers all across the country. Each pair is a one-of-a-kind, repurposed creation.

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