Gift Sustainably!

Looking for a gift for a Baby Shower, Briday Shower, Birthday Party, House Warming or just about any special occasion? Bear Minimum can help create a custom gift basket with sustainable sourced products and packaging.

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  • Protection from chemicals!

    Many popular products used within our homes contain dangerous chemicals that often can be allergens, irritants, or worse!

  • Help the environment!

    Utilize products that are not made out of plastic, are made without harmful chemicals and wasteful engineering.

  • Support local and sustainable!

    Bear Minimum works with local vendors to help offer a place to showcase and sell their items.

  • Save money!

    Refilling bottles not only saves plastic, but can actually be cheaper! Also, certain sustainable practices such as utilizing reusable dish cloths and paper towels can save money.

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What is a refillery?

Reduce your plastic usage by refilling your containers with new product! Every bottle of dish soap, laundry detergent, or shower gel you refill saves one bottle from being produced. Save money by refilling and eliminating the need for shipping water!

How to Refill

Who we are

At Bear Minimum we believe it is possible to live with minimal impact on our environment and without the use of harmful chemicals that both negatively affect us and our planet. Through the right knowledge, habits, and products we believe we can all live less wasteful lives that will positively affect our wallets, our health, and our environment. Bear minimum will be a hub for fellow eco warriors within the community to come together and make a difference. Providing knowledge, products, and community events around sustainable living. Bear Minimum is a Refillery and Marketplace for sustainable and local goods located in Boonton NJ.