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Sunshine Salve

Sunshine Salve

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Sunshine Salve is an all-natural pain relief topical medication, enriched with the goodness of comfrey, the energy of lavender, and the sunshine of calendula. It is packed with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that make it feasible for treating sprains, arthritic pain, muscular pain, body aches, and different skin conditions. You can use it to close minor cuts, wounds, burns, and scrapes. Its antimicrobial action prevents the colonization of microbes, reduces the chances of infection, and accelerates the healing process. 


  • Organic Olive Oil infused Calendula
  • Organic Olive Oil infused Comfrey
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil 


Rub the salve on the painful area using a healing pair of hands and allow it to deal with the inflammation and pain.

*For external use only




Calendula (Calendula officinalis) outshines among the crowds of millions due to its vibrant orange-yellow flowers that are cheered around the globe as pot marigolds. It is an herbaceous perennial that has 1-2 inch long, lanceolate-oblong, hairy leaves with intermittent wavy margins. 

Traditionally, calendula flowers were employed by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Indians as a dye and in cosmetics.  Its leaves were traditionally transformed in poultices to cater to cuts, abrasions, and they also aided in warding off the infections. Its flowers are now acclaimed as the best treatment of hemorrhoids, rashes, eczema, dermatitis, and acne.


Comfrey is a flowering shrub that is notorious for its poisonous nature due to pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Despite its toxic profile, its leaves and rhizomes are used for medicinal purposes due to their remarkable pharmacological actions.

Comfrey is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent that helps with sprains, back pains, osteoarthritis, gout, gastritis, bronchitis, gingivitis, wound healing, and etc. Its oral administration in the form of the extract is useful in curing diarrhea, heavy menstrual bleeding, hematuria (blood in urine), cough, chest congestion, and even cancer.


Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a small herbaceous perennial that serves exquisitely both in culinary and medicinal disciplines. It includes grey-green leaves and long lilac or lavender-colored flowering shoots. The leaves can attain the pinnate shape or be simple measuring 1 to 2 inches. Its flower can be seen on shoots or spikes and can reach a height of about 1-3 feet.

Lavender is employed to cater to a lot of disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, depression, acne, and so forth. It is also used to promote hair growth. Also, it fights fungal infections, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, and deals with countless skin ailments. 


Is Sunshine Salve safe for children?

The Sunshine Salve is safe when applied to your little one’s skin. It comes in handy to cater to scraped knees, minor scratches, and abrasions. Just rub a generous amount of salve on the affected area and give them a goodbye kiss to take another swing at the park. 

Is Sunshine Salve good for inflammation?

Sunshine Salve contains flavonoids that inhibit the pro-inflammatory cytokines by blocking COX-2 enzyme, thereby reducing the clinical manifestation of inflammation. 

Is Sunshine Salve safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes! Sunshine Salve is safe to use during pregnancy.

Is Sunshine Salve good for burns and scrapes?

The Goldenrod Salve is a perfect remedy to treat burns and open scrapes. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties ward off bacterial colonization and reduce the chances of swelling and severe infection.

Should I use Sunshine Salve every day?

The Sunshine Salve is safe for everyday use. In case of any allergic reaction, stop using the product immediately. If you are super sensitive to novelties, consult your dermatologist before using Sunshine Salve.

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