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Shiitake Mushroom Tincture

Shiitake Mushroom Tincture

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Shiitake Mushroom Tincture is an outstanding immunity-boosting formula, prepared from 100% organic fruiting bodies. Incorporate it into your routine to obtain rich health-boosting constituents, including lentinan, eritadenine, selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, C, and D. 

Using our nutrient-rich, double extracted Shiitake Mushroom Tincture boosts and supports the health of the immune system, lowers the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, stops premature aging, promotes skin health, improves heart health, strengthens bones, and wards off bacterial and viral infections. Enjoy its savory, umami taste in water or tea and get the best of its benefits. 


  • Dried Organic Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take half to a full dropper of Shiitake Mushroom Tincture up to 3 times a day in water or tea. 


Shiitake (Lentinula Edodes) is the second most abundantly produced mushroom in the world. It is commonly known as black mushroom, black forest mushroom, sawtooth oak mushroom, oak mushroom, or golden oak mushroom. It grows on deciduous trees, majorly shii, oak, maple, chestnut, beech, poplar, sweetgum, mulberry, ironwood, chinquapin, and hornbeam. 

It is famous for its meaty and umami taste all around the globe. It is fervently used in East Asian cuisines, especially in Chinese and Japanese dishes. It also serves as a raw material for preparing organic fertilizers and compost. It is bagged with lentinan, erythritol, copalic acid, adenosine, carvacrol, polysaccharides, terpenoids, sterols, lipids, and amino acids, which help boost the immune system and help in treating dyslipidemia, diabetes, atherosclerosis, eczema, cold, and flu. It performs a stellar job at imparting antihypertensive, anti-aging, antimicrobial, anticancer, and carminative actions.

Is Shiitake Mushroom Tincture safe for children?

Shiitake Mushroom Tincture is a safe preparation for children over 6 months of age. It supports their immune system, blocks cancerous cell growth, fights obesity, improves cardiovascular health, combats skin problems, and ward off infections.

Is Shiitake Mushroom Tincture good for the immune system?

Shiitake mushroom has been a part of various researches where it is concluded that taking shiitake mushroom daily immensely improves immunity. It promotes gut immunity by increasing sIgA levels and further enhances overall immunity by γδ-T cell proliferation, decreasing macrophage inflammatory protein concentration. 

Does Shiitake Mushroom Tincture lower bad cholesterol levels?

Shiitake Mushroom Tincture is rich in eritadenine that is known for reducing cholesterol levels. This consequently helps decrease the high blood pressure too. You can use shiitake mushroom itself in a recipe that calls for meat. This way, you’ll be able not only bring in eritadenine in your diet and also cut down on consuming more cholesterol.

Is Shiitake Mushroom Tincture safe to use during pregnancy?

Shiitake Mushroom Tincture is safe to consume during pregnancy. There are no side effects reported regarding the product.

Should I take Shiitake Mushroom Tincture daily?

Shiitake Mushroom Tincture is safe to use daily.  

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