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Rustic Strength

Rustic Strength- Organic White Cleaning Vinegar OZ

Rustic Strength- Organic White Cleaning Vinegar OZ

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Can be used to REMOVE sticky glue • smells from garbage • wrinkles on clothes • soap scum • odors to CLEAN glass • cookware • coffee maker • toilets • rust stains • driveways • patios  • to POLISH copper • pewter • brass • chrome • metal  • to UNCLOG drains • shower heads  • to LOWER pH of soil and water  • to SOFTEN fabrics in laundry


Note - Spot test on surfaces before using. Not recommended for natural stone, wood or varnished surfaces. Store and transport in an upright position. Keep out of reach of children. Keep cap on when not in use.

Already Diluted
Precision diluted by our specialists to exact ratio for ideal cleaning vinegar. 

Organic 50-grain white vinegar, Charcoal-Filtered Deionized Water

• Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International
• Certified Non-GMO by The NON-GMO Project 

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