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Mugwort Smudge Spray

Mugwort Smudge Spray

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Mugwort Sage Spray is an artisanally crafted hydrosol made from the steam distillation of flowers, leaves, and stems of Mayernik Garden mugwort and sage plants. This blissful hydrosol is tailor-made for people who do not wish to burn dried herbal smudges.

Spray it around you to cleanse your home and workspace of the negativity to invite the positive vibes and keep the blissful energy flowing. This ethereal spray not only purifies the aura but also improves intuition and mood, reduces stress and anxiety, repels bugs, and kills germs present in the air. Add it to your ultrasonic diffuser solely or with your favorite essential oils for a long-lasting effect.



  • Mayernik Garden Mugwort Hydrosol
  • Mayernik Garden Sage Hydrosol 



  • Spray it around yourself, your home, or your workspace to wipe out the negativity and invite positive energy.  
  • Add it to your ultrasonic diffuser for a long-lasting effect.




For millennia, Mugwort has been correlated with the summer solstice and full moon. The dried sprigs of Mugwort leaves and its glowing embers and smoke are wafted around the participant or ritual place for consecration. Mugwort is quite suitable for spiritual cleansing, healing, protection, trance, vivid dreams, and intuitive development.

Mugwort is psychoactive incense that fortifies psychic awareness, opens up the pineal eye (third eye), and helps us connect with the spiritual realms. Medicinally, it is used to quieten stress and anxiety. It is used to cleanse bowels, aid in digestion, relieve gas, soothe cramps, and treat loss of appetite.


Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis) is brimmed with healing powers to cleanse or bless the space. It banishes the negativity, which could be the result of past traumatic experiences or negative energies exuding from others. It elevates one’s mood, reduces stress, improves memory, strengthens focus, boosts energy levels, and makes way for positive energies.

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