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KOOSHOO - Plastic-free Round Mini Hair Ties - 12-pack

KOOSHOO - Plastic-free Round Mini Hair Ties - 12-pack

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Zero-Waste, Cotton Hair Elastics for Braids, Intricate Styles, Small Ponytails, & Kids - Durable, No-Damage Hair Bands - Fair Trade & Ethically Made

PLASTIC FREE HAIR TIES: Our Minis are perfectly sized for braids, small ponytails, intricate styles, & even kids!
Made of 2 ingredients: certified organic cotton & sustainably sourced, fair trade natural tree rubber. Look good & feel good!

BUILT TO LAST & BIODEGRADABLE: Did you know every hair elastic you’ve ever owned still exists today? Here’s a product with unmatched strength & stretchability to stand the test of time, yet 100% biodegradable. Lasts in your hair, but not in a landfill! GREAT

FOR YOUR HAIR: Completely creaseless & won’t pull, slip, or cause any discomfort or damage to your hair!

SOCIALLY & ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: 100% plastic-free & ethically made from sustainably sourced, all natural, plant-based materials and dyed using certified non-toxic dyes. Recyclable packaging

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