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Forage Workshop

Forage Workshop - Baby's 1st Xmas Ornament

Forage Workshop - Baby's 1st Xmas Ornament

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Celebrate a new little one's first Christmas holiday with this special woodland ornament. A snowy winter scene featuring a red cardinal family with baby bird in the nest has been wood burned and hand painted on a foraged wood slice.

Each ornament comes in a 100% recycled paper gift box.

No trees are ever damaged in the making of our products. Each ornament I make is from a fallen tree limb. Either fallen on my property, or found on one of our hikes through the forest. Hence our company name, Forage :)

The ornament is sliced from the branch and sanded in three steps before I wood burn an organic design onto it. Each image is done free hand, so no two are exactly alike. Finished with a water based poly, for a satiny smooth finish. The finish is also essential to prevent cracking or damage to your wooden keepsake.

Ornament size is approximately 3" Diameter

* Wood may vary slightly from what is shown. 

Naturally occurring imperfections are present in every piece of wood. Nothing is perfect, but that's what we love about Nature! We are currently using maple for our ornaments.

Let's plant trees together! Forage will contribute a portion of every sale to the Arbor Day Foundation!
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