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Conscious Cutlery

Conscious Cutlery - 5 Piece Felted Owl Cutlery Set

Conscious Cutlery - 5 Piece Felted Owl Cutlery Set

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Stainless Steel Cutlery With Colorful Titanium Finish & Felted Wool OWL Pouch With YKK Zipper

Each Set Contains: 8” Fair Trade - Hand-Made - Felted Wool OWL - YKK Zippered Pouch - Carabiner 7" -

Titanium Rainbow Coated 18/8 Stainless Steel: *Fork *Spoon *Butter Knife *Straw (6mm) *Straw Cleaner

These high quality felted wool pouches were designed by my 10 year old son and are fair trade and HAND-MADE in Nepal. WOOL pouches are made in small batches and a limited run therefore supplies are limited. At CONSCIOUS CUTLERY the concept is simple; just say no to single-use plastic items, starting with cutlery. Each utensil is made of 18/8 grade STAINLESS STEEL treated with a titanium finish. An ELECTRIC colored fork, spoon, butter knife, straw, and handy straw cleaner that all fit in a beautiful black felted WOOL pouch with an adorable OWL, small enough to fit in your purse, backpack or glovebox. CARRY IT with you and USE IT. It’s really that simple. Wool is naturally anti-microbial

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