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Chamomile Tincture

Chamomile Tincture

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Chamomile Tincture is your perfect go-to-bed companion. It is formulated from chemical-free, organic chamomile flowers, macerated in grain alcohol for longer periods. Chamomile flowers are harvested at the peak of their readiness and shade-dried to perfection to preserve their signature aroma and phytochemical content.

Chamomile Tincture is good for calling the long-forgotten sleep back. Taking it before bed helps calm your mind and prepares it to undergo resting-mode. It is also a great option to calm your little ones who are going through the teething phase and have a toothache. It serves as a digestive tonic too and reduces colic in babies, kids, and adults.


  • Organic Chamomile Flowers 
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take half to full dropper up to 3 times a day in water or tea.

For babies/kids, rub on their gums to soothe the process of teething and reduce toothache.


Since ancient times, chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) is used to ameliorate a multitude score of ailments. Chamomile is a Greek word meaning ‘Earth’s apple’ due to its pleasant apple-like fragrance. 

Chamomile is a phenomenal emmenagogue. It helps with irregular periods and cramps followed by scarce bleeding. Its calming property makes it perfect for the treatment of insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. Also, it is used fervently to cater to flatulence, bloating, gas, asthma, liver dysfunction, and urinary tract infections. Various pharmaceutical industries use chamomile in mouthwashes, sunscreen, cleansers, and insect repellents.


Is Chamomile Tincture Safe for Children?

Chamomile Tincture is safe for children to be consumed. It helps babies during their teething phase when rubbed on their gums. It also helps to calm their agitated minds and help them get deep slumber. Also, it can be used to cater to colic that erupts in babies due to lack of motility.

Is Chamomile Tincture a Good Sleep Aid?

Chamomile extract is clinically proven to act as a mild sedative to reduce anxiety, calm the nervous tension, agitation, nightmares, hysteria, insomnia, and other sleep-related issues. It is regarded as a mild-tranquilizer and sleep-inducer due to one of its flavonoids, apigenin that binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain to induce sedation and achieve calm. 

Is Chamomile Tincture Good for Digestion?

Chamomile Tincture is highly cherished as a digestive relaxant. For centuries, it is used to treat different gastrointestinal disturbances, especially diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, anorexia, flatulence, spasms, colic in children, and stomach cramps. 

Is Chamomile Tincture Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Chamomile Tincture is possibly unsafe to use during pregnancy. It is an exceptional uterine tonic that encourages the contraction of uterus muscles and induces bleeding. Taking chamomile tincture during pregnancy can result in miscarriage.

Should I use Chamomile Tincture Everyday?

It is considered safe to consume chamomile tincture every day. However, if you’re super sensitive to novelties in life, consult your doctor/pharmacist to set your dosing and extent of administration.


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