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Bugleweed Tincture

Bugleweed Tincture

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Bugleweed Tincture is made from the plant parts of the Mayernik Garden Bugleweed plants. At the peak of its readiness, bugleweed is harvested and shade-dried to perfection with great care to preserve its signature aroma, taste, and phytoconstituents. The dried plant parts are then macerated in grain alcohol (50%) for longer periods to achieve a balanced product.

Bugleweed Tincture is a well-known astringent with various medicinal uses. It is used time and time again to treat hyperthyroidism by reducing the levels of thyroid hormones in our bodies. Also, it helps with PMS (premenstrual syndrome), heavy bleeding during menstruation, nose bleeds, breast pain, insomnia, and nervousness.


  • Mayernik Garden Bugleweed
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take half to full dropper up to 3 times a day in water or tea.


Bugleweed (Ajuga Reptans) is an herbaceous perennial that grows as a fast ground cover. It is marked by its beautiful foliage and gorgeous bluish to violet blossoms. Its aerial parts are used by the human race to cater to a plethora of disorders.

Traditionally, it is used to decrease high levels of thyroid hormones during hyperthyroidism. It also aids with the disorders related to excessive bleeding, especially nosebleeds and heavy bleeding during menstruation. Other than that, it is useful for controlling premenstrual syndrome (PMS), insomnia, sore breasts, and nervousness.


Is Bugleweed Tincture safe for children to use?

Bugleweed Tincture is possibly unsafe for children to use due to its anti-thryroid function. Thyroid hormone is of crucial importance during the early years of child development and they shouldn’t be antagonized.

Is Bugleweed Tincture good for hyperthyroidism?

Bugleweed Tincture is good for mitigating the conditions caused by hyperthyroidism, especially Grave’s disease. It helps people who have mildly over-active thyroid gland by blocking the antibodies that bind with the gland and triggers it to cause goitre.

Is Bugleweed Tincture good for PMS?

Bugleweed Tincture helps with PMS by targeting its different symptoms, such as breast tenderness, insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, and irritability.

Is Bugleweed Tincture safe to use during pregnancy?

Bugleweed Tincture is possibly unsafe during pregnancy as it can fluctuate hormone levels and affect their functions which are crucial for fetal development.

Should I use Bugleweed Tincture every day?

Bugleweed Tincture usage and dosing depends on the ailment addressed and user’s possible allergy. Consult your doctor/pharmacist regarding appropriate range of dosing and every day use. 

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