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Bawston & Tucker

Bawston & Tucker - Cologne Oil

Bawston & Tucker - Cologne Oil

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Tuskalusa Fragrance (red): Imagine the sweet undertones of tonka bean & amber aiding a warrior through the day's battle, while touches of citrus & smoky notes of bergamot and guaiac woods prepare the fearless man to conquer his desires. 

Aroostook Fragrance (grey): Imagine the fresh smells of a winding river with touches of sweet citrus & woody tones of bergamot & patchouli. 

Hurytt Fragrance (brown): Imagine the sweet smells of honeysuckle & french lavender balancing with touches of citrus notes of sweet bergamot & orange while exploring a forest full of woody rich aromas like cashmere woods & timber. 

Motega Fragrance (green): Imagine the sweet smells of rich mandarin as an arrow soars across the sky precisely hitting it’s target, releasing hints of spicy & woody notes of black pepper & sandalwood.


Key Points:

Super concentrated but subtle fragrance

Unique Roll-on applicator to target pulse points (typically at neck and wrist)

Made in United States of America

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