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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Switch - Bamboo Pedicure Brush

Bamboo Switch - Bamboo Pedicure Brush

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Elevate your self care night with our pedicure brush! This four in one design gives you all the tools needed to keep your feet healthy. The cleaning brush with boar bristles helps clean dead skin and debris and below is the Pumice stone to help with exfoliation. The other side has a metal filer to help remove hard calluses while the emery board smooths out the skin.

~~~ Whats Included: One pedicure tool

~~~ Materials: Bamboo, pumice stone, metal, boar, emery board

~~~ Care: Hand wash and let air dry.

~~~ Dimensions: 7.5” tall 2” wide Weight: 1.9oz

~~~ Environmental Impact: Millions of plastic nail tools get produced yearly that just end up in landfill after a short period. This leaves behind waste that will either take thousands of years to decompose or never fully go away and just break down into micro plastics. 

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