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Bambaw - Reusable Sanitary Pads

Bambaw - Reusable Sanitary Pads

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The reusable sanitary pads from Bambaw are made for women, by women to make sure they cover all your feminine hygiene needs. These sanitary pads include three different layers for the best performance:

• Softness: Charcoal bamboo fleece

• Absorption: Microfibre inner layer

• Safety: Waterproof PUL You can carry the pads in the dedicated pouch. The waterproof, discreet and stainless transportable pouch contains two compartments for used and unused pads.

Pack includes:

- Light Flow (5 Light Flow Pads & Carrying Pouch)

- Moderate Flow (5 Moderate Flow Pads & Carrying Pouch)

- Heavy Flow (5 Heavy Flow Pads & Carrying Pouch)

- Mix pack (3 Light Flow, 2 Moderate Flow, 1 Heavy Flow & Carrying Pouch)

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