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Blueland - Dishwasher Starter Set

Blueland - Dishwasher Starter Set

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Not your average dishwasher detergent – our tablets have all of the power without any of the plastic. Unlike conventional detergent pods that come wrapped in plastic, our dry-form tablets cut grease, grime, and lift food stains for a sparkling clean without dissolving plastic film onto your dishes.

  • Clean Ingredients: Made with plant-based and planet-friendly ingredients
  • Effective: Independently tested to perform on dishware, glassware, silver & porcelain
  • Space Saving: Ditch the bulk with a compact Forever Tin and pack of 40 tablets that take up half the space of the equivalent plastic bottle

All power, no plastic—our naked dishwashing tablets come free of PVA/PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol), so you can consciously clean your dishes.

  • Includes 1 Forever Tin and 40 Dishwasher Tablets
  • Once empty, simply refill with more tablets
  • Refills packaged in compostable paper pouches

Dishwasher Tablet Ingredients

Sodium Carbonate


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