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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Switch - Bamboo Cup

Bamboo Switch - Bamboo Cup

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Natural Bamboo Cup

This cup works for all drinks and can even work for small, cute storage! Works especially well for bar cups, bathroom rinse cups, toddler cups, cotton ear bud storage, desk storage, etc!

Being a completely natural product, the diameter dimensions and grains of each cup may slightly vary. Each cup is "cut off" at the bamboo link, leaving the bottom of each cup unique in shape! :)

Cleaning: Handwash and air dry this cup.

Dimensions: 3.125" in height 2.5" in diameter.

Environmental Impact: Ditch the plastic Red Cups or the bathroom Dixie cups and use our reusable bamboo cup. This cup will last a very long time, but is also completely compostable.

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